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Issue 18 - June 25, 2015
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If You Love Them, Protect Them

Recently, the tragedy of untimely death has affected family and friends. The financial effects of these tragedies have been a reminder that it is imperative to have a life insurance policy in place so your death is not an emotional and financial burden. Your loved ones could be forced to use savings that was meant for a down payment on a new home or worse, they could be forced to take on unnecessary debt to help cover your burial and additional expenses.  

According to LIMRA, nearly 70% of American households with children under 18 would be in financial jeopardy if the primary breadwinner died.41% or 95 million US adults have no life insurance at all. Of those who earn $50K to $200K, there are 53 million Americans in this group who do not have life insurance. Six million households (ten percent of families with children under 18) have no life insurance or term life insurance protection. Are you represented by one of these statistics? Will your surviving family members be one of the households financially affected by your untimely death? 

Most are unaware how inexpensive life insurance is which is sad when you consider how expensive it is to be forced to scramble to figure out how to bury a loved one after an untimely death. Ray Hodges Financial Group is contracted with nearly 40 insurance carriers which means we offer the most competitive insurance quotes in the country. Go to for a free, no hassle quote. Call or email me today to avoid being a financial burden to your family. If you love them, protect them.

Did you know?

Social Security Fact:  if you are divorced, both you and your ex can collect spousal benefits (on each others work histories) after full retirement age while still postponing taking your own retirement benefits until age 70, when they are as high as can be.


If you are approaching retirement, already retired, or considering an early retirement and would like to learn more social security maximization strategies, call me to receive your personalized, free "Social Security Maximization" report.  It's your money . . . until you give it away.

Joint Ventures

J H Talley & Associates is an accounting firm owned and operated by James H Talley, CPA and IRS registered tax preparer.  If you are an individual or small business owner, J H Talley & Associates can assist with tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping, accounting services, estate and trust taxes.  Call him for all of your tax and accounting needs, and be sure to tell him I referred you.

Marcus Robin, owner of AFIG, LLC  AFIG is an independent insurance agency that offers auto, home, life, health, commercial, business, and motorcycle insurance.  Call AFIG today at 469-461-3381 to compare your insurance rates to see if Marcus and his staff can save you money.  It's your money . . . until you give it away.


Women Called Moses (WCM), a non-profit organization created to provide a secure shelter for battered women and their children . Make your charitable contributions count by giving to this worthy and necessary organization.

Business Shout Out!

The following businesses are now members of my Business Advisory Council.  All members have proven to be reputable, fair, and committed to delighting their customers.  Please join me in congratulating them!

Nathan Lawrence Group, LLC, OUTSTANDING and PROFESSIONAL web, video/audio, video commercial, and elearning in Dallas, TX, 214-212-6161

 10 Minute Oil Change, HONEST car repair in Duncanville, TX, 972-572-7800

Buddy’s Sporting Goods, goto place for uniforms, sports equipment, etc, in Duncanville, TX, 972-780-8149

Dry Clean USA, the dry cleaners that keeps me so fresh and so clean, clean, Cedar Hill, TX, 972-291-9917



·       Looking for a featured speaker for your group, association, organization, small business, etc? I regularly present "10 Principles of Money Mastery", "Financial Education in the Workplace", "Social Security Maximization", and "Color of Money" to organizations just like yours. Call or email to make me your featured speaker!


The Secret Way to Win the Tax Game

We’re fully two months removed from the dreaded April 15th tax deadline. For some of you, April 15th is not a date that is dreaded or feared. That’s because some know the secret to winning the tax liability reduction game. Those in the know started winning the tax reduction game on April 16th. This select and savvy group of people is writing off mileage on their commutes, vacations (including cruises), home expenses and utilities, seminars, conferences, dry cleaning, meals, and mobile phone bills to name just a few write offs. 

The secret to winning the tax game and increasing the number of tax write offs available to you is ownership of a business. The tax code seems to be specifically written to benefit those who own a business, be it small or large. Employees are not so fortunate in the tax game and usually cringe when April 15th approaches because on average they are losing almost 35 cents of every dollar to taxation. Some employees pay more than they owe in taxes in order to get a large refund. Unfortunately, they don’t understand the time value of money which means their refund has less buying power than it did during the year it was earned. 

If you are interested in starting a business and winning the tax reduction game, I strongly encourage you to consult with a CPA that focuses on small businesses. I highly recommend JH Talley & Associates, located in Dallas, TX, who is one of my joint venture partners.  Please tell him I referred you.
Call or email me to receive a list of over one hundred overlooked tax write offs. It’s your money . . . until you give it away.

Did I mention . . .

Ray Hodges Financial Group is now a licensed Investment Advisor Representative (IAR).  As an IAR, I can roll over your 401(k)/IRA you left at your former employer, act as your financial consultant if you are considering a retirement buy out at your employer, and provide IRAs and Roth IRAs to individual investors.

If you are a business owner, I provide SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, SOLO 401(k), and SIMPLE 401(k).  If you are a plan sponsor/business owner, I provide 401(k), Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, and Cash Balance Plans.  In addition, I can facilitate an ERISA 3(38) Investment Manager relationship if you are exposed to fiduciary liability.

College Bound Rewards Program

RHFG recently signed an agreement that enables clients to earn College Bound Rewards at select private universities at over 300+ colleges in 45 states which includes Austin College, Lindenwood University, Fontbonne University, Clark Atlanta University, Morris Brown College, Bradley University, and DePaul University to name just a few.  The program is similar to an airlines frequent flier program in that all points/dollars accumulate FREE OF CHARGE and can be applied at any member school.  Current maximum reward range is $10,800 to $44,075.  Call me today for more details.

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It's your money . . . until you give it away.