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Issue  7 - April 16, 2013
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The Proven Investment Vehicle You Haven't Included in your Portfolio

What if you knew of an investment vehicle that enabled you to receive a contractually guaranteed return on your money and a contractually guaranteed lifetime income payment for the rest of your life? It would also complement your social security payment.  What if this investment paid you a guaranteed 8% for the first seven years but could return as much as 11% during the first seven years?  In this volatile financial market, wouldn’t you at least investigate something with so many guarantees?

This proven and safe investment vehicle is an annuity, more specifically a fixed indexed annuity.  An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company in which you make a lump sum payment or series of payments and in return you receive tax deferred growth on your funds, 100% protection from loss on all investments and growth, bonuses as high as 8% on all investments for as long as seven years, and a payment for the rest of your life among additional benefits.

A fixed indexed annuity uses a stock market index e.g. Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, etc. to determine how much interest to credit to your investment.  Your return is based on an index and is not in the market; therefore you never lose money based on market volatility.

If you understand time and compounded growth then you instinctively realize this vehicle should be a part of your portfolio as soon as possible.  Walt Disney and Michael Jordan used annuities to start their businesses, and you know how that worked out for them.  Call me for a free analysis on how to add this vehicle to your portfolio.  It’s your money . . . until you give it away.


Did you know?

Dr. Thomas Stanley, author of The Millionaire Next Door, and probably the foremost expert on the study of the affluent, suggests the following formula to determine what your net worth should be at any age:


Net Worth = 10% X Age X Income

If you’re not there, I can show you how to get there.  Call me for a free consultation.

Joint Ventures

Abstract Management Group (AMG) a business consulting firm that provides financial management, strategic planning, and marketing services for small businesses.  If you need a firm that specializes in assisting small businesses, AMG is your goto firm. 


Women Called Moses (WCM), a non-profit organization created to provide a secure shelter for battered women and their children . Make your charitable contributions count by giving to this worthy and necessary organization.

Business Shout Out!

The following businesses are now members of my Business Advisory Council.  All members have proven to be reputable, fair, and committed to delighting their customers.  Please join me in congratulating them!

Chef Carlos on the Square, AWESOME restaurant in Lancaster, TX, 972-218-8000

10 Minute Oil Change, HONEST car repair in Duncanville, TX, 972-572-7800

Buddy’s Sporting Goods, goto place for uniforms, sports equipment, etc, in Duncanville, TX, 972-780-8149

Dry Clean USA, the dry cleaners that keeps me so fresh and so clean, clean, Cedar Hill, TX, 972-291-9917


Want to Get Away?

From now until the end of 2013, Ray Hodges Financial Group will reward the following gift to anyone who refers FIVE individuals or businesses who become clients:

·         $1,000 travel voucher to Cheap Caribbean Vacations

·         $500 in travelers cheques

Never been to the Caribbean but have always wanted to go?  Refer your friends, relatives, associates, and business associates and have a Piña Colada or Rum Punch (my preference) on RHFG!

What You Don't Know about Your Social Security Benefits Could Cost You Big Time

Are you or one of your loved ones approaching 62 and looking forward to filing for those hard-earned social security benefits?  Before you file, you may want to consider several ways to maximize your social security benefits so you can receive the largest amount possible for as long as possible.

Depending on when you were born, you may be eligible to file for social security at 62, but you will only receive 75% of your full retirement age (FRA) benefits.  At 66, you may be eligible for 100% of your FRA benefits, but if you delay until 70, you will receive 132% of your FRA benefits due to the delayed retirement credit. Of course, when you decide to file for your benefits is directly related to your immediate income needs.

In addition to delaying receiving your social security benefits to increase your payment, there are additional strategies that can be exploited.  If you’re married, the “file and suspend” strategy might enable you to use spousal benefits to your advantage.

Regarding taxation, many people do not realize that up to 85% of their social security benefit can be taxed depending on their provisional income.  One way to decrease your provisional income and therefore your taxation is by moving 401(k), IRA, pension funds, and mutual funds to cash value insurance and annuities.  None of your money within cash value insurance is counted as income, and only 5-25% of your payout from annuities is counted as income.

The Social Security Handbook contains 2,728 rules.   A couple that consists of two 62 year olds has a  staggering 100 million combinations of months to choose to take retirement benefits, spousal benefits and decide whether or not to file and suspend retirement benefits.  For some couples who are very different in age, the number of combinations can exceed 10 billion!  Fortunately, Ray Hodges Financial Group uses a social security maximization application that will do the math for you.  Call for a free, personalized social security maximization report.  It’s your money . . . until you give it away.

Did I mention . . .

If you own commercial property, and you're upside down on the mortgage, a member of my Business Advisory Council can help you refinance and

have equity in your property again.


If you own a residential property that appraises for over $420,000, and you're upside down on your mortgage, you too could refinance and have equity in your property again.  Call or email me to find out how. 


·       Looking for a featured speaker for your group, association, organization, small business, etc? I regularly present "the 10 Principles of Money Mastery" to organizations just like yours. Call or email to make me your featured speaker!

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