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It's Your Money!
Issue 13 - January 21, 2014
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If You Love Them, Protect Them

In 2002, I lost my father to kidney cancer, but I soon would learn that we would also lose the home that I spent my childhood.  We had life insurance, but we did not have enough to enable my Mom to continue paying the mortgage.  Had we known we were under insured, we could have inexpensively increased our protection, and I could still go home to a place that provided so many memories.

You have a chance to make sure your family never experiences emotional and financial distress at the same time.  Life insurance is a lot less expensive than you think.  There is tremendous peace of mind in knowing that no matter what happens to you, your family will never have to be uprooted nor struggle financially.

Once you decide to purchase protection, the first question is usually “How much do I need?”  The answer depends on how you plan to use it.  Here are a few ways I recommend my clients use life insurance:

Funeral costs and incidentals

Credit card debt

Balance on a mortgage

Monthly living expenses during an extended           bereavement for surviving spouse

College fund for surviving children

Retirement savings

If you recently married, welcomed a newborn, or changed your marital status, I encourage you to consider life insurance.  If you do not currently have life insurance, feel you may be underinsured, or only have protection through your job, I strongly recommend you make one of the best purchases for your family you could make – protection and peace of mind.

Use my Life Insurance Quoter and call me to make an appointment to submit your application.  If you love them, protect them.

Did you know?

Social Security Fact:  if you are divorced, both you and your ex can collect spousal benefits (on each others work histories) after full retirement age while still postponing taking your own retirement benefits until age 70, when they are as high as can be.


If you are approaching retirement, already retired, or considering an early retirement and would like to learn more social security maximization strategies, call me to receive your free "Social Security Maximization" report.  It's your money . . . until you give it away.

Joint Ventures

Ray Hodges Financial Group is proud to announce that it has entered into a joint venture agreement with Marcus Robin, owner of AFIG, LLC  AFIG is an independent insurance agency that offers auto, home, life, health, commercial, business, and motorcycle insurance.  Call AFIG today at 469-461-3381 to compare your insurance rates to see if Marcus and his staff can save you money.  It's your money . . . until you give it away.


Women Called Moses (WCM), a non-profit organization created to provide a secure shelter for battered women and their children . Make your charitable contributions count by giving to this worthy and necessary organization.

Business Shout Out!

The following businesses are now members of my Business Advisory Council.  All members have proven to be reputable, fair, and committed to delighting their customers.  Please join me in congratulating them!

Nathan Lawrence Group, LLC, OUTSTANDING and PROFESSIONAL web, video/audio, video commercial, and elearning in Dallas, TX, 214-212-6161


Chef Carlos on the Square, AWESOME restaurant in Lancaster, TX, 972-218-8000

10 Minute Oil Change, HONEST car repair in Duncanville, TX, 972-572-7800

Buddy’s Sporting Goods, goto place for uniforms, sports equipment, etc, in Duncanville, TX, 972-780-8149

Dry Clean USA, the dry cleaners that keeps me so fresh and so clean, clean, Cedar Hill, TX, 972-291-9917


College Bound Rewards Program

RHFG recently signed an agreement that enables clients to earn College Bound Rewards at select private universities at over 300+ colleges in 45 states which includes Austin College, Lindenwood University, Fontbonne University, Clark Atlanta University, Morris Brown College, Bradley University, and DePaul University to name just a few.  The program is similar to an airlines frequent flier program in that all points/dollars accumulate FREE OF CHARGE and can be applied at any member school.  Current maximum reward range is $10,800 to $44,075.  Call me today for more details.

Know the Rules of the Financial Game?

A phrase that I repeat to myself regularly is “The dollars are in the details” and you would be wise to begin reminding yourself of that fact when handling your financial affairs.  Many of us willingly give away lots of our hard-earned money because we do not know the rules.  Before committing to any financial product or service, you should understand all of the details e.g. the interest rate, late fees, cancellation policy, etc.  An example I often use in my seminars is a craps table in Las Vegas.  You would never approach a craps table in Las Vegas and attempt to gamble without knowing the rules because you would lose.  Purchasing a financial product or service without understanding the details is like gambling without knowing the rules, and like in Vegas, you will lose.

Knowing the rules implies that you are playing a game, and you are.  It’s a financial game, and those that win know that the key is to be more efficient with the money you already have.  Those that do not know the rules believe the key is to make more money.  Being more efficient with your money means you track your spending.  You pay off credit cards as quickly as possible so you begin earning compound interest instead of paying it.  You make “savings” a line item in your forecast/budget.

Call me to implement a proven method of being more efficient with your money.  It’s your money . . . until you give it away

Did I mention . . .

If you own commercial property, and you're upside down on the mortgage, a member of my Business Advisory Council can help you refinance and

have equity in your property again.


If you own a residential property that appraises for over $420,000, and you're upside down on your mortgage, you too could refinance and have equity in your property again.  Call or email me to find out how. 


·       Looking for a featured speaker for your group, association, organization, small business, etc? I regularly present "10 Principles of Money Mastery", "Financial Education in the Workplace", "Social Security Maximization", and "Color of Money" to organizations just like yours. Call or email to make me your featured speaker!



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